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Eddie Redmayne: Vogue USA (December 2016)

Eddie and the cast of ‘Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them’ are featured in the current issue of Vogue USA. I have added the scans to the gallery for you all. Please, credit e-redmayne.net if you take the scans.

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Vogue USA (December 2016)

Eddie Redmayne covers Esquire UK (December 2016)

Eddie Redmayne covers the current issue of Esquire UK (December 2016). I have added the scans to the gallery and Eddie looks great!!!!

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Esquire UK (December 2016)

‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ film press conference in Beijing

Eddie Redmayne attends ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ film press conference in Beijing, China on November 18, 2016. You can go to the gallery to take a look to the photos.

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‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ film press conference, Beijing

Eddie Redmayne on The Late Late Show with James Corden

I have added some photos of Eddie on The Late Late Show with James Corden (November 18th, 2016) to the gallery.

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

New photos of Eddie Redmayne added

I added some new photos of Eddie Redmayne to the gallery.

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Watch What Happens Live

Eddie Redmayne covers Rapshody (November 2016)

Eddie Redmayne covers Rapshody (November 2016), and he looks great. I just added the scans to the gallery so, you can go and take a look. Please, credit e-redmayne.net if you take the scans.

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Rapshody (November 2016)

Why Eddie Redmayne Isn’t Worried That ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Expanded to Five Films

At the recent world premiere of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” there were no sightings of Harry Potter. But Eddie Redmayne, the star of the new Warner Bros. blockbuster, wore a plastic Bowtruckle — a green twig-like creature — on his tuxedoed shoulder. “It was given to me by a fan on the red carpet,” Redmayne later recalls, over eggs and coffee at Manhattan’s Crosby Street Hotel. “It looked so realistic,” he says, it even fooled one of the movie’s producers.

There are sure to be more fan homages in the months, and years, to come. In the new franchise written by J.K. Rowling, Redmayne plays Newt Scamander, the Magizoologist who arrives in New York with a suitcase packed with mystical animals like the gold-seeking, furry Niffler or the enormous Erumpent. To prepare for the part, the Oscar-winning actor studied with animal trainers and re-watched key “Harry Potter” scenes. “I went down a YouTube hole,” he reveals.

While the new franchise isn’t set at Hogwarts, there will be some overlapping characters in the five movies that Warner Bros. has planned for the series. Redmayne spoke to Variety about “Fantastic Beasts,” meeting with Rowling, and why he won’t ever play James Bond.

How did you learn about “Fantastic Beasts”?
It came to me in a wonderfully top-secret way. I got a call, saying David Yates wanted to meet me about an unknown project. We met in a pub called Blacks, which is in Soho in London. As I went to this place, it was pouring rain, and downstairs in the basement, there was a fire and David. The whole thing had a Diagon Alley vibe to it. He started telling me this story that J.K. Rowling was writing, and he talked about Newt and the case. I had taken a suitcase that I had. As he talked more about the case, I gently pushed my case back. I had this embarrassment that I looked like one of those actors that turned up dressed for the part. Read More

Q&A: Eddie Redmayne on finally getting his ‘Harry Potter’ shot

After spending two straight falls consumed by awards season, Eddie Redmayne is taking a break from the Oscars and fronting his first franchise.

In the Harry Potter prequel “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” the mantle of J.K. Rowling’s leading man has been passed from Radcliffe to Redmayne. His Newt Scamander also wields a wand, but he’s a humbler operator in the same magical realm. Newt is a sheepish Brit arriving in 1926 New York, with a leather case stuffed with wondrous but outlawed creatures.

Though the film, which also stars Colin Farrell, Katherine Waterson and Dan Fogler, is an ensemble, Redmayne is undoubtedly the freckled face of the new Pottermania. It’s a new, high-pressured role for Redmayne, an Oscar winner for his Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything” and a nominee for last year’s “The Danish Girl.” So is fatherhood; in June, his wife, Hannah Bagshawe, gave birth to their daughter, Iris.

A few hours after taking a break from promotional duties with Iris, Redmayne chatted in a downtown Manhattan hotel about his headlong dive into Rowling’s empire, the film’s multicultural message and just how many movies he’s gotten himself into.

AP: Your first blush with the Harry Potter world came much earlier, didn’t it?

Redmayne: This is true. When I was at university, they were casting the net quite wide for Tom Riddle, the young Voldemort. I had gotten an audition. I think I was seeing the casting director’s eighth assistant. I remember surviving about three and a half lines of the first scene before I was shown the door, so I wasn’t very successful. It wasn’t the greatest introduction to the Harry Potter world. Read More